Angela Duckworth: The work of 12 CM

GRIT has been found as being the most important predictive quality that determines success. Angela Duckworth, a fantastic researcher and an expert of GRIT and self control is the focus of this weeks ‘the work of series’.

Prior to her career in research, Angela founded a summer school for low-income children that was profiled as a Harvard Kennedy School case study and, in 2018, celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. She has also been a McKinsey management consultant and a math and science teacher in the public schools of New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

IQ was found not as the only difference between best and worst students.
West Point Military Academy
National Spelling Bee
Sales people keep jobs
The predictor was GRIT

We are distracted by talent
We have a naturalness bias. Love the idea of talent
Efforts Count Twice
Talent is how quickly you improve with effort
Effort builds skill
Talent and Effort = Skill
Effort and Skill = Achievement

Goals (Grit Growing)
Top level keep
Middle level goals stick to
Bottom level goals change
Write 25 career goals. Top 5 and eliminate the rest
Interesting and Important rate out of 10
Multiply them

GRIT difference between eminent vs non eminent geniuses… 4 aspects of Passion and Perseverance
Part heritable and part environment
Flynn effect increases IQ last few years
Reverse Flynn Effect for GRIT

Inside out:


Outside In:
Parenting Supportive and Demanding
Extracurricular activities
Culture. Being in grittier culture helps you become grittier
Demand and Support

You can grow your grit
Inside out and Outside In
Inside… interests practice purpose hope
Outside… Parenting, activities, culture
Grit leads to happiness and success
Theoretically possible to have too much grit but unlikely… higher order goals
Grit isn’t only character trait that’s important
Failure is part of the deal

Self Control
Intellectual Humility
Social Intelligence

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