4 Agreements / Don Miguel Ruiz: The Work of 03 CM

The 4 Agreements

The 4 Agreements is an incredible book written by Don Miguel Ruiz. This episode follows as we explore the four agreements as well as explaining some of the other work of Ruiz offering you nuggets of wisdom and essential insights from his writings.

Thousands of years ago there were Toltec men and women of knowledge

These Naguels (masters) passed on the teachings generation after generation

We’re dreaming with the mind awake. Our mind dreams 24 hours a day.

We can perceive millions of things happening. Attention is the ability we have to focus on certain things. Through our attention society programmed us. We learned a whole new reality. A whole dream.

Language is the code that it is communicated to us.

We make agreements to accept the dream. This lets us store the knowledge.

Domestication of humans


Book of Law: Judge and Victim

Most stuff in our minds are agreements that are lies

Mitote… thousand people talking at the same time

We abuse ourselves thousands of times

Agreements we make with ourselves are our personalities

Be Impeccable with your word (Speak with integrity)

Impeccabiklity.. without sin.

Words of Magic

Gossip: Black Magic

Self Rejection

White Magic

Misuse of word

Don’t take anything personally (projections from others)

Personal Importance.. take poison of others because we agree with it

Take it personally because we are

Good and bad

Even the opinions you hear from yourself don’t take personally

Don’t make assumptions (ask questions, be clear)

Problem is we believe that these assumptions are correct

We want to feel right so we believe the agreements and beliefs

Mitote chaas. We dream things up.

We need to justify everything and understand everything to feel safe

Answers make us feel safe. Scared to ask questions

Always do your best (under any circumstance)

Do your best…

Be in the moment

No more no less

Mastery of Awareness and Transformation and Intent

Warriors against these parasites

The 5th Agreement

Be Skeptical but learn to listen

See reality without words.

Accept all as it is

Symbols language and programs

Feel like we’re not enough

Agreements from symbols

Stories we create about the world

Judging character you’ve invented

Belief system becomes a tyrant

All our lives we practice believing the inner voice

Be skeptical involves realising the dream is a dream

Dream of First Attention: Agreements that trap us

Dream of Second Attention: Warriors that use 5 agreements

Dream of Third Attention: Realising we are love and light


The Three Questions

Who am I?

Me is a Collection of personal mythologies about who we are

What is real?

Say no to the voice in your own head

What is love?

We are light and love

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